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Beech Mountain Australian Pottery Vase

A large and impressive Beech Mountain Australian pottery vase signed and dated 1982. 41 cm high. Good condition.


Price: AU$125.00


Regal Mashman Australian Pottery Vase Circa 1950's

A Regal Mashman Australian pottery vase dating to around the 1930's Impressed mark to base. 12 cm high by 13 cm maximum diameter. Good condition.


Stones Pottery Brisbane Mammy Biscuit Barrel

A Stones Pottery, Brisbane biscuit barrel in the Mammy shape modeled in the image of Hattie McDaniel of Gone with the Wind fame. good condition. 25 cm high by 21 cm wide at the base.

Price: AU$125.00



Pair Stones Bristol Pottery Cornucopia Wall Vases

A nice matched pair of Stones Bristol Pottery cornucopia or "horn of plenty" wall vases. Good condition. 20 cm high by 16 cm wide at the top.

Price: AU$350.00 pair


Kalmar Australian Pottery Wall Plaque

A rare Kalmar Australian Pottery wall plaque "Mario Lanza?" Circa 1960. Good condition. 25.5 cm high by 17 cm maximum wide. Impressed Kalmar mark and W25.

Price: AU$145.00


Kalmar Australian Pottery Wall Plaque

This is the matching lady wall plaque to the above. Circa 1960. Good condition. 27 cm high by 17 cm maximum wide. Impressed Kalmar mark and W24.

Price: AU$145.00


Stones Bristol Pottery Toast Rack

A Stones Bristol Pottery, Brisbane, Toast Rack. Excellent condition. 16 cm long.

Price: AU$75.00


Eric Juckert Australian Pottery Vase

A small but delightful Australian pottery vase by Eric Juckert dating to the 1950's. Signature inscribed to the base. Good condition. 10 mm high by 9 mm maximum diameter.

Price: AU$55.00


Pates Australian Pottery Basket Vase

A large Pates Australian Pottery basket vase. It is unsigned. Good condition.24 cm long by 16.5 cm wide.

Price: AU$55.00





Australian Pottery Shoe or Boot

A signed Australian pottery shoe or boot inscribed on the heel "V Frost/ACQU" 6 cm high by 14 cm long and 6 cm wide. Minor fleabite to top edge but overall it is in good condition. It would date to the 1950's.

Price: AU$65.00


M C P Mingay Australian Pottery Dish

MCP Mingay Australian pottery leaf shaped dish. Original label but no other marks. Excellent condition. 15 cm maximum wide.

Price: AU$25.00


Australian Pottery Casey Ware Swans

Two Australian Pottery Casey Ware swan vases. 11 cm high by 15 cm wide. Good condition.

Price: AU$35.00 each



Australian Pottery 3 Wise Monkeys Ash Tray

An Australian Pottery ash tray featuring the 3 wise monkeys. It would date to around 1950. Good condition. 8 cm high, 12.5 cm long and 11 cm wide.

Price: AU$95.00


Selection of Cootch Memmott Containers

Cootch Memmott Queensland Pottery containers with cork covers. All in good condition.

Front left 19 cm high by 17 cm max. dia. Price: AU$65.00

Front right 12 cm high by 12 cm max dia. Price: AU$48.00

Back 19 cm high Price: AU$68.00


Charles Wilton Australian Pottery Goblets

I have 5 of these goblets by Charles Wilton with incised signature to the base. Excellent condition. 11.5 cm high by 7.5 cm maximum diameter at the top.

Price: AU$20 EACH





Antique Royal Vienna Hand Finished Trio Cup, Saucer and Plate

An antique Royal Vienna teacup, saucer and plate dating to around 1900. The bust has "Constance" on the bottom edge. Good condition. (5 available but some plates have wear marks.) The plate is 17 cm diameter.

Price: AU$165.00 each


Antique Royal Vienna Jug or Pitcher and Bowl

The matching jug or pitcher and bowl to the trios listed. Good condition.

Price: AU$350.00 pair


Antique Austrian Figural Cigarette Holder & Match Striker

An antique Austrian figural match and cigarette holder with striker circa 1880. 11 cm high by 11 cm wide. Good condition.

Price: AU$75.00


Antique Taddy & Co. Pottery Tobacco Jar

A salt glazed pottery jar impressed for Taddy & Co London dating to around 1880. Good condition. 23 cm high by 17 cm maximum diameter.

Price: AU$69.00



Baden-Powell Commemorative Plaque

An antique commemorative plaque featuring Lord Baden-Powell founder of the Boy Scouts. Circa 1900. Good condition. 23 cm diameter.

Price: AU$55.00


Field Marshall Lord Roberts Plaque

An antique plaque featuring Boer War Field Marshall Lord Roberts. It has some stains but no chips, cracks or repairs. It would date to around 1900. 20 cm diameter.

Price: AU$48.00


Chamberlains Worcester Dishes Lord Nelson Pattern #248

I have 9 of these bowls by Chamberlains Worcester in the Lord Nelson, English Imari pattern #248. There is some wear to the gilding on a few but overall they are in good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. Circa 1800. 14 cm diameter

Price: AU$125 EACH




Wedgwood Countryware Strawberry Set

A Wedgwood Countryware strawberry set in as new condition. The basket is 26 cm by 26 cm.

Price: AU$365.00


Wedgwood Countryware Cruet Set

A Wedgwood Countryware cruet set consisting of a tray, salt, pepper and mustard pot. In as new condition. The tray is 16 cm by 15 cm and the salt shaker is 7.5 cm high.

Price: AU$165.00


Wedgwood Countryware Butter Dish

A Wedgwood Countryware butter dish in as new condition. 22cm by 13.5 cm.

Price: AU$165.00


Antique Meakin Florida Sauce Boat and Underdish

A Meakin, flow blue Florida pattern sauce jug with the underdish dating to around 1910. Good condition.

Price: AU$85.00


Torquay Ware Dresser Tidy

A vintage Torquay Ware dresser tidy hand painted wit a rooster circa 1920. 8 cm high by 8 cm wide. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$55.00


Torquay Ware Hat Pin Holder

A Torquay Ware hat pin holder decorated with a rooster dating to around $1920. Minor chip at base. 13 cm high by 9 cm at the base.

Price: AU$65.00


Torquay Ware Tulip or Bulb Vase

A Torquay Ware tulip or bulb vase decorated with a rooster. Circa 1920. 10cm high by 13.5 cm maximum wide. Good condition.

Price: AU$75.00


Torquay Ware Coffee Pot

A Torquay Ware coffee pot circa 1925. Tiny chip to the lid finial otherwise good condition. 16 cm high

Price: AU$55.00


Antique Ceramic Monks Deadly Sins Plaques (2)

Antique Monks deadly sins pipe racks or wall plaques circa 1910. Some minor flakes. 30 cm long by 9 cm wide. One is impressed "Artisco England."

Price: AU$95.00 EACH



Royal Doulton Hand Painted Pansy Bowl

A Royal Doulton hand painted "Pansy" bowl dating to around 1930. It has some minor stained crazing but no chips, cracks or repairs. 19 cm diameter by 4 cm high.

Price: AU$110.00


Shelley Wild Flowers Trio

A Shelley teacup, saucer and plate decorated in the Wild Flowers pattern circa 1950.

Price: AU$95.00


Antique Grimwades Willow Pattern Octagonal Shape Teapot

An octagonal shaped antique Grimwades teapot dating to around 1920. It does have some stained crazing. 12 cm high at the spout by 24 cm across the handle and spout.

Price: AU$365.00


Royal Doulton Orlando Vase

Royal Doulton Shakespearian series vase decorated with Orlando. It dates to around the 1920's. Good condition. 15 cm high.

Price: AU$55.00


Royal Doulton Coaching Days Tray

Royal Doulton Coaching Days tray dating to around 1935. Good condition. 23 cm by 18 cm.

Price: AU$55.00


Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Vase C1910

A Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian vase circa 1910. Good condition. 7.5 cm high by 9 cm wide. Impressed marks to base.


Price: AU$85.00


Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Vase Dated 1909

Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian vase dated 1909. Impressed marks to base. 9.5 cm high. Good condition.

Price: AU$85.00


Royal Doulton Flambe Cottage Decorated Vase signed by Noke

A Royal Doulton Flambe vase with the cottage decoration signed by Charles Noke dating to around the 1920's. Good condition. 17.5 cm high by 12 cm maximum diameter.

rice: AU$365.00


Royal Doulton Flambe Figurine Eastern Grace Limited Edition

A Royal Doulton limited edition Flambe figurine titled "Eastern Grace" dating to around 1980. It is number 1038. Excellent condition. 33 cm high.

Price: AU$255.00


Royal Doulton Figurine Meditation HN2330

A Royal Doulton figurine titled Meditation HN2330 issued between 1971 1nd 1983. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$125.00



Royal Doulton Figurine Storytime HN3136

Royal Doulton figurine titled Storytime HN3136 issued between 1987-1992. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$95.00



Ceramic Flowers Various Brands Including Royal Albert

Ceramic Flowers including Royal Albert. Good condition.

Price: From AU$10 to $35.00


Set 6 Royal Doulton English Cottages Coffee Cans & Saucers D4987

6 Royal Doulton English Cottages D4987 coffee cans and saucers Circa 1936. Good condition. I am selling them separately.

Price: AU$28.00 EACH


Royal Doulton English Cottages Coffee Pot D4987

Royal Doulton English Cottages coffee pot D4987 circa 1940's. Good condition.

Price: AU$110.00


Clarice Cliff Rural Scenes Tray

A Clarice Cliff Rural Scenes tab handled tray. Excellent condition. 30 cm wide including the handles by 14 cm deep.

Price: AU$45.00


Fraureuth Germany 7 pce Porcelain Dessert Set

A Fraureuth, Germany 7 pce dessert set dating to around 1920. All pieces are in excellent condition.

Price: AU$195.00


Carlsbad Bavaria 7 pce Afternoon Tea Set

A Carlsbad, Bavaria 7 pce afternoon tea set consisting of 6 side plates and a serving plate. All have central panels of lovers in a country setting. Good condition. Circa 1930.

Price: AU$225.00


English Majolica Glazed Side Plate

An English majolica glazed side plate circa 1900. It is impressed England and a number. Good condition. 20 cm long by 14 cm maximum wide.

Price: AU$35.00


Royal Doulton Nursery Rhyme Ceramics

A selection of Royal Doulton Nursery Rhyme ceramics dating to the 1920's - 30's. All are in good condition.

Prices: Plate -AU$16.50, Beaker - $30.00, Cup and Saucer - 28.00 and Mug - $35.00



Maling Springtime Cabinet Plate #6525

A large Maling cabinet or rack plate in the "Springtime" pattern dating to around the 1950's. Excellent condition. 28 cm diameter.

Price: AU$68.00


Hollinshead & Kirkham Tunstall Viola Cabinet Plate

A Hollinshead and Kirkham, Tunstall cabinet or rack plate hand painted in the Viola pattern. 27 cm diameter and in good condition.

Price: AU$68.00


Doulton Lambeth Foot Warmer Circa 1890.

A Doulton Lambeth foot warmer dating to around 1890. It does have a small chip on the lip where the bung screws in but overall it is in good condition.

Price: AU$ 125.00


Price Brothers Kensington Figural Teapot

Price Brothers, Kensington figural "Toby" lustre teapot. Good condition.

Price: AU$85.00


Royal Doulton Coaching Days Trios and Serving Plate

I have a few Royal Doulton trios in the Coaching Days pattern dating to around 1930. Good condition. Also pictured is the matching serving plate in good condition. The plate is 22.5 cm diameter.

Price: Trios and the plate AU$55.00 each


Royal Doulton Coaching Days Coffee Pot, Jugs & Bowl

A Royal Doulton coffee pot, jugs and bowl dating to around the 1920's - 1930's. Good condition.

Prices: Coffee Pot - AU$125.00 SOLD. Jug & Bowl - AU$65.00 Pair, larger jug - AU$55.00


Alka Astrid Bowl

An Alka Astrid bowl glazed in green with gold decoration. Good condition. Circa 1950's. 21 cm long, 15.5 cm wide and 4 cm high.

Price: AU$35.00


Rare Royal Doulton Old Charley Musical Jug

This jug was only made for the Coronation of King George V1 in 1938 - 1939. The music box and jug are in good condition and plays" Here's health unto his Majesty." It was designed by Charles Noke. It is 16 cm high at the handle.

Price: AU$595.00


Daisy Bell Musical Jug

A Crown Devon musical jug "Daisy Bell." In good condition as is the music box. 20 cm high by 20 cm wide across the handle and spout.

Price: AU$125.00


Royal Doulton Comport "Under the Greenwood Tree"

A Royal Doulton comport with scenes from the "Under the Greenwood Tree" series. D6341. Good condition. 11 cm high by 20 cm diameter at the top.

Price: AU$165.00


Pre-war Japan Figural Serviette Rings

These cute little figural serviette rings were made in Japan around 1930. All are in good condition and I am selling them individually. 9 cm high by 7 cm long.

Price: AU$35.00 each


Crown Devon Art Deco Rouge Vase

Crown Devon rouge Art Deco vase hand painted with a ship design and signed D. Cole. Good condition. 23 cm high.

Price: AU$110.00


Crown Devon Rouge Bowl

Crown Devon rouge Art Deco bowl hand painted with a ship design and signed D. Cole. It does have a tiny glaze flake on the top of one handle but otherwise it is in good condition. 33 cm long by 18 cm wide.

Price: AU$75.00


Shelley Heather Cabinet Plate

A Shelley Heather pattern cabinet or serving plate Circa 1950's. Good condition. 27 cm diameter

Price: AU$68.00


Royal Doulton Countryside Serving Tray D3647

Royal Doulton tray or dish in the Countryside pattern D3647. There are a couple of rim glaze flakes but overall it is in good condition. 21.5 cm square by 4 cm high.

Price: AU$65.00


Rosenthal Bavaria "Madeleine" Pattern Cabinet Plate

A Rosenthal, Bavaria, cabinet plate decorated in the Madeleine pattern. Circa 1950's. Some wear to the gilding but otherwise in good condition. 23 cm diameter.

Price: AU$48.00


Royal Doulton Large Size Character Jugs

A selection of my current stock of Royal Doulton large size character jugs including Arry, Arriat, Auld Mac, Oliver Twist, Cardinal and Tony Weller. Good condition.

Price: AU$65 to $110.00 each


Royal Doulton Character Jugs Various Sizes

A collection of Royal Doulton Character jugs of varying sizes all in good condition and dating to around the 1960's.

Price Range: AU$35 to AU$75


Royal Doulton Large Size Farmer John Character Jug

A Royal Doulton Large size character jug "Farmer John" dating to the 1970's. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$75.00


Beswick Peggotty Teapot

A Beswick teapot "Peggotty" dating to around 1950's. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$75.00



William Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase

William Moorcroft vase decorated with the pomegranate design dating to the 1930's. Good condition. 10 cm high by 11 cm maximum diameter.

Price: AU$550.00


Carlton Ware Basket Weave Bowl with Flowers

A Carlton Ware bowl in the flowers and basket pattern dating to around the 1950's. Good condition. 28.5 cm long by 17 cm maximum wide.

Price: AU$75.00


Royal Doulton Art Deco Teaset

I am selling this Royal Doulton Art Deco teaset individually. There are 6 trios, milk and sugar and the serving plate. All pieces are in good condition.

Price: Trios AU$45.00 each, jug and bowl AU$55.00 pair and the serving plate AU$ 38.00.


Carlton Ware Lily Dish

A Carlton Ware Lily serving dish. Good condition. 19 cm wide including the leaf handle.

Price: AU$45.00


Shorter Daffodil Jug or Pitcher

A Shorter, England, ceramic jug or pitcher with hand painted daffodil design. Some fine glaze crazing but overall in good condition. 23 cm high and dates to around the 1930's.

Price: AU$125.00


Japanese Ceramic Cottage Ware 4 pce Cruet Set

A cottage ware cruet set made in Japan and dating to the 1930's. Some crazing but otherwise in good condition. 11 cm high including the mustard cover and 18 cm long.

Price: AU$55.00


Bing and Grondahl Blue Traditional Dish or Tray

A bing and Grondahl serving dish with a handle decorated in the blue traditional pattern dating to around the 1960's.. Good condition. 19 cm long by 14 cm wide.

Price: AU$75.00


Coalport Caughley Pattern Mask Head Spout Jug or Pitcher

A Coalport jug modeled on an old Caughley pattern with the mask head spout. Good condition. 12 cm high.

Price: AU$75.00


Royal Worcester hand painted Plate Raglan Castle

A Royal Worcester cabinet plate hand painted with a scene entitled Raglan Castle and signed by Ray Rushton. It has the date code for 1947. Good condition with original box. 27 cm diameter.

Price: AU$225.00


Falcon Ware Playtime Bowl

Falcon Ware child's bowl in the Playtime design decorated with Koala Cricketers and kangaroos. Good condition.15 cm diameter.

Price: AU$48.00


Royal Doulton Toby Jug Jolly Toby

Royal Doulton Toby Jug "Jolly Toby" issued between 1939 and 1991. This one would date to around 1980.

Price: AU$145.00


Royal Doulton Toby Jug The Huntsman

Royal Doulton toby jug "The Huntsman" variation #4 issued between 1950 and 1991. 18 cm high.

Price: AU$175.00


Large Denton Porcelain Flowers

A mug filled with ceramic flowers by Denton England. 11 cm high by 12 cm across. There are one or two very tiny chips of no significance as is usual for this type of decoration.

Price: AU$65.00


Royal Winton Old Cottage Chintz decorated Dish

A Royal Winton Grimwades dish decorated in the Old Cottage Chintz pattern. Good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.

25 cm long by 16 cm wide

Price: AU$75.00


Crown Devon Art Deco Embossed Floral Jug Vase

An embossed floral decorated Crown Devon jug vase Circa 1940. 8 inches (20 cm) high and in good condition.

Price: AU$75.00


Shelley Tea Cup, Saucer & Plate trio Floral Decoration

A Shelley, teacup, saucer & plate decorated with a flower design dating to around the 1950's. Good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.

Price: AU$95.00


Sorry none at the moment




Antique Ruby Glass Dish in Silver Plate Stand

A Victorian Ruby glass dish set in a silver plated stand Circa 1890. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$145.00



A Desktop Cranberry Glass and Brass Smoker's Companion

An antique cranberry glass and brass smoker's companion sitting on a beveled glass base. Can be used today as pin and paper clip tidy. The smaller container has a hairline through but has not come apart.

Price: AU$265.00


Johnny Walker Glass Whisky Bottle with Glass Hat

An Australian glass Johnny Walker Whisky collectors bottle with a glass hat made around 1940. It is in excellent condition.

Price: AU$125.00


Stuart Crystal Brandy Balloons

Stuart crystal brandy balloons. Good condition. 2 only available

Price: AU$45.00 each


Cut Crystal Decanter or Jug

A quality crystal decanter with a handle. Good condition.

Price: AU$110.00







Murano Ruby Glass Comport Hand Painted

A Murano ruby glass comport heavily gilt with flowers design dating to around 1980. 17.5 cm high by 17 cm diameter at the top. Good condition.

Price: AU$125.00


Murano Ruby Glass Hand Painted Decanter

A fabulous Murano hand painted decanter with Venetian Scenes dating to around 1970. Excellent condition. 22 cm high including the stopper by 10 cm maximum diameter.

Price: AU$295.00


Fenton Double Dutch Carnival Glass Jug or Pitcher

A Fenton Marigold Carnival Glass jug or pitcher in the Double Dutch pattern. 21 cm high. Good condition.

Price: AU$95.00



Fenton Carnival Glass Bowl in the Peacock & Grape pattern

I have two of these Fenton Carnival Glass bowls in the Peacock & Grape pattern. Good condition. 19 cm diameter by 8 cm high.

Price: AU$55.00 each (1 SOLD)


Victorian Ruby Glass Custard Cups Circa 1900

I have 3 of these Victorian ruby glass custard or toddy cups dating to around 1900. Good Condition.

Price: AU$30 each


Pair of Victorian Ruby Glass Port or Sherry Glasses

A Pair of Victorian ruby glass ports or sherry glasses with clear stems & feet dating to around 1900. Good condition. 12 cm high by 5 cm diameter at the top.

Price: AU$60.00 pair


Vintage Blue Art Glass Vase

A vintage art glass vase in a propeller style form suggestive of a Christopher Dresser style. It dates to around 1960. 28 cm high and in good condition.

Price: AU$75.00


Stuart Crystal Comport Bird Design

A Stuart crystal comport with an etched bird and bough design. Excellent condition. 16 cm high by 15.5 cm diameter at the top.

Price: AU$65.00


Lalique Angel of Reims Flutes

Lalique, France "Angel of Reims" flutes dating to around 1980. Excellent unused condition.

Price: AU$1650.00 for 6 OR

AU$650.00 for a pair


Victorian Ruby Glass Decanter Hand Painted

A Victorian Ruby glass decanter that has been hand decorated with garlands of flowers and gilt decoration. 25 cm high including the stopper and 13 cm diameter. The jug is in good condition but the top of the stopper has been broken at some stage but is still serviceable.

Price: AU$125.00


Rainbow Art Glass Jug with Five Cups

A vintage Rainbow art glass jug with five glasses with controlled inner bubble technique. Good condition. The jug or pitcher is 17 cm high at the spout.

Price: AU$75.00 set


Whitefriars Red Glass Swan Dish

A Whitefriars red glass swan dish with original label attached. Good condition. 22 cm high by 16 cm long.

Price: AU$35.00


Pair Czech Art Deco Vases

A pair of Czech Art Deco vases with blue glass spiral decoration and blue glass rim trim. One of the spiral threads has a broken end but overall they are in good condition. 19 cm high. They would date to around 1930.

Price: AU$95.00 pair


Art Deco Ballerina Base Comport

A pressed clear glass comport supported by a chromed ballerina base dating to around 1930.

Price: AU$395.00


Pall Mall Jug or Pitcher

A Pall Mall Jug or pitcher dating to the 1920's Good condition.

Price: AU$95.00


Kosta Boda Art Glass Bowl

A Kosta Boda art glass bowl dating to around the 1960's. 6.5 cm high by 32 cm diameter. Good condition.

Price: AU$95.00


Georgian Bristol blue Brandy Decanter Lozenge Stopper

A Georgian Bristol blue Brandy decanter with a lozenge stopper. Good condition with marks consistent with age on the base. 24 cm high including the stopper.

Price: AU$225.00


Georgian Bristol blue Glass Hollands Decanter

A Georgian Bristol blue Hollands (Gin) decanter with a lozenge stopper. The decanter is in good condition with marks consistent with age on the base but the stopper has been repaired. 24 cm high including the stopper.

Price: AU$95.00


Victorian Ruby Glass Decanter

Victorian Ruby glass decanter with clear glass reeded handle and hollow clear glass stopper. Good condition. 26 cm high including the stopper.

Price: AU$350.00


Georgian Amethyst glass Ale Glass

A Georgian amethyst glass ale with a snapped pontil dating to around 1810. 14 cm high by 8 cm diameter at the top. Good condition.

Price: AU$125.00


Victorian Ruby Glass Covered Bowl

A Victorian era ruby glass covered bowl dating to around the 1890's. There are some minor chips from use but overall it is in good condition. 13 cm high including the lid and 12 cm diameter.

Price: AU$95.00


Northwood Blackberry Rays Carnival Glass Comport

A Northwood carnival glass comport in the Blackberry Rays pattern dating to around 1910. Good condition.

Price: AU$125.00



Pair of Victorian Salts in Silver Plate Stands

Pair of Victorian salts in silver plated stands dating to around 1890. Good condition.

Price: AU$125.00 pair



Murano Art Glass Vase

A vibrant and colourful Murano Art Glass vase dating to around the 1980's. 24.5 cm high by 13 cm maximum wide. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$2165.00


Murano Style Clown possibly by Brisbane Artist Kim Dunlop

A Murano style glass clown figure possibly by Brisbane glass artist Kim Dunlop. Circa 1980. Good condition. 18 cm high.

Price: AU$55.00


Art Glass Platter by Kim Dunlop Brisbane

A large art glass platter by Brisbane glass artist Kim Dunlop. Unsigned. Excellent condition. 34 cm diameter.

Price: AU$125.00


IIttala Serving Bowl Kekkerit by Timo Sharpeneva

A great large serving bowl from IIttala, the design is Kekkrit designed by Timo Sharpeneva dating to around 1980.

Price: AU$65.00



St Louis, France Crystal Wine jug/Decanter

A St. Louis, France crystal wine jug or decanter with the maker's mark on the base. It would date to around 1970. There is a very tiny nibble to the top of one facet on the stopper of no real consequence, otherwise it is in good condition. 32cm high including the stopper.

Price: AU$225.00



Scandinavian Art Glass Bowl

A Scandinavian art glass bowl in the Murano style dating to around 1970. 22 cm long by 13 cm maximum height. Good condition.

Price: AU$75.00


Early 20th Century Spiral Pattern Vaseline Glass Vase

An early 20th century vaseline glass vase with a spiral pattern. Good condition. 12 cm high by 9 cm maximum diameter.

Price: AU$65.00



Victorian Mary Gregory Decorated Glass Jar

A Victorian glass lidded jar decorated in the Mary Gregory style dating to around 1890. 23 cm high by 13 cm maximum diameter. A few nibbles to the top rim and inside of the cover of no real consequence.

Price: AU$ 165.00


Victorian Pearline or Vaseline Glass Basket Vase

A dainty 3 handled, Victorian period, pearline or vaseline glass posy vase dating to around 1900. Good condition.

Price: AU$65.00



Chinese Soapstone Plaque on Soapstone Stand

A vintage Chinese soapstone plaque on a fitted soapstone stand dating to around 1970. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$265.00


Pair Chinese Cloisonne Vases with Wood Stands

A pair of Chinese Cloisonne vases with timber stands dating to around 1980. Excellent condition. 13 cm high

Price: AU$85.00 pair


Pair Chinese Cloisonne Vases with Wood Stands

Pair of Chinese Cloisonne vases with timber stands dating to around 1980. Excellent condition. 13 cm high

Price: AU$85.00 pair



Vintage Chinese Cloisonne Vase

A vintage Chinese cloisonne vase with wood stand. 23 cm high by 12 cm maximum diameter. Good condition Circa 1980.

Price: AU$185.00




Sweden Sterling Silver Borgila Vase

A sterling silver vase designed by the Swedish silver smith Borgila. Atelier Borgila was founded in 1921 by the designer Erik Fleming (1894-1954) and this vase dates to the 1980's It is in excellent condition and is 15 cm high by 9 cm across the top.

Price: AU$1350.00


Mikimoto Pearl Necklace

A Mikimoto pearl necklace with a sterling silver clasp in its original case. Good condition. 50 cm long.

Price: AU$595.00



Pearl and Sterling Silver Brooches

A selection of pearl and sterling silver mounted brooches with the exception of the filigree one that is silver plate. Good condition.

Priced from: AU$20.00 to $55 each.


Georgian Sterling Silver Stuffing Spoon London 1789

A sterling silver stuffing spoon with assay marks for 1789 and maker's mark for Solomon Hougham. Excellent condition. 31 cm long weighs 115 grams.

Price: AU$395.00


Sterling Silver 3 pce Teaset Birmingham 1933

A sterling silver 3 piece teaset hallmarked for Birmingham 1933 with maker's mark for Marson & Jones

Price: AU$850.00




Antique Hong Kong Chinese .900 Silver Box

A heavy, antique Hong Kong Chinese silver .900 box with a large dragon on the cover. Impressed marks and maker's mark for Luen Hing and dated with small presentation 1915. 441 grams

Price: AU$1250.00


.800 Silver Poodle Figurine

A .800 silver poodle weighing 35 grams. Good condition. Probably Italian maker.

Price: AU$ 175.00


Sterling Silver Christening Cup Birmingham 1876

A sterling silver christening cup hallmarked for London 1876 and maker's mark for Hilliard & Thomason. NOT ENGRAVED. 8 cm high by 6 cm at the base. 87 grams.

Price: AU$295.00


Georgian Sterling Silver Marrow Scoop Hester Bateman London 1784

A Georgian sterling silver marrow scoop by Hester Bateman hallmarked for London 1784. Good condition. 23 cm long.

Price: AU$895.00


Pair Georgian Sterling Silver William Bateman Sugar Tongs 1815

A pair of Georgian sterling silver sugar tongs by William Bateman hallmarked for London 1815.Good condition.

Price: AU$125.00


Pair Of Georgian Sterling Silver Tongs by Hester Bateman C1780's

A pair of Georgian Sterling Silver tongs by Hester Bateman circa 1780's. Good condition.

Price: AU$195.00


Set 6 Cased Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Buttons

Set 6 cased sterling silver art nouveau buttons with pins dating to around 1910. Good condition.


Sterling Silver Forks

I have 4 of these sterling silver forks assayed for London 1874 with maker's marks for George William Adams (Chawner & Co.) 2.4 ozs. each and in good condition.

Price: AU$85.00 each


Sterling Silver Spoons

Sterling silver spoons. Table spoons Georgian London 1802 maker: John Lias (2.1 and 1.7 ozs.) AU$95.00 each. Smaller entree spoon Edinburgh 1825-26 Maker: Robert Moreton (1.1 oz.) Price AU$85.00.

Teaspoon Scottish Provincial by David Gray Dumfries Circa 1830. Price: AU$55.00. SOLD

Teaspoon London 1824, Price: AU$25.00. and egg spoon London 1854. Price: AU$75.00.



Sterling Silver Bon Bon Dish 1905

A sterling silver bon bon dish hallmarked for Birmingham 1905 with maker's mark for Arthur and John Zimmerman. Good condition.





A sterling silver dessert spoon with assay marks for London 1803 and maker's mark for Ely & Fern. 34 grams.

Price: AU$95.00


Pair Georgian Sterling Silver Table Spoons 1820


Pair George IV sterling silver table spoons with hallmarks for London 1820 an maker's mark for Solomon Royes. Garter engraved with initials. Good condition

Price: AU$200.00 pair or $110.00 each



Sterling Silver Twin Handled Bowl

A sterling silver twin handled bowl with maker's mark for Higgins & Son and assay marks for Sheffield 1943. Weight is 8 ounces (227 grams.) Excellent condition.

Price: AU$225.00



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Silver Plate Spoons & Tongs in Case

A set of six silver plated spoons and tongs in original case Circa 1925. Good condition.

Price: AU$45.00


Silver Plate Hand Mirror Circa 1900

A silver plated hand mirror in excellent condition circa 1900

Price: AU$125.00


Set of 6 Antique Shot Cups in Silver Plate Holders

Set of 6 antique glass shot cups in silver plated holders dating to around 1890. 5 cm high by 3.5 cm diameter at the top. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$175.00 for the set



Hardy Brothers Reproduction Old Sheffield Plate Jug

A beautiful reproduction old Sheffield plate jug or pitcher retailed by Hardy Brothers. It would date to around the 1930's. Good condition. It is 18 cm high at the spout an 22 cm wide across the handle and spout.

Price: AU$225.00



Silver Plate Tankard Angus & Coote

a silver plated tankard or Christening cup with retailer's mark for Angus & Coote. Good condition and not engraved. 9 cm high.

Price: AU$45.00


Canadian Acme Silver Plate 3 pce Tea Service

A Canadian Acme brand 3 pce silver plated tea service. Circa 1920's. Excellent condition.

Price: AU$ 165.00


Silver Plate Cake Knife MOP Handle Sterling Silver Ferule Sheffield 1899

A cased, silver plated cake knife with a mother of pearl and sterling silver ferule with hallmarks for Sheffield 1899. 27 cm long. Good condition.

Price: AU$125.00





Set 6 Silver Plated Apostle Spoons Atkin Brothers.

Set 6 silver plated Apostle spoons with non matching tongs in a dilapidated case. The maker was Atkin Brothers and they date to around 1900. The spoons and tongs are in good order.

Price: AU$65.00


Double Silver Plate Wine Bottle Coaster Cart

A double, silver plated wine bottle coaster cart made in Sheffield, England circa 1930. The cart is 50 cm long and the coasters are 10 cm high by 17 cm diameter. Good condition.

Price: AU$395.00


Antique Large Reproduction Sheffield Plate Footed Tray

A large , ball & claw footed, reproduction Sheffield Plate tray. It has impressed marks of a stylised "L" and Bros. I am unsure of the maker but it could be Leversley Brothers, Sheffield, England. It is 55 cm long including the handles and 38 cm wide. Good condition.

Price: AU$ 495.00


WMF Serving Tray with Glass inserts

A three sectional WMF serving tray with frosted glass inserts dating to around 1930. Good condition.

Price: AU$225.00


Silver Plated Bacon/Muffin Warmer

A roll top silver plated bacon or muffin warmer. it has the inserts and is in good condition except that the ivory button is missing for the front handle. There are no maker's marks. 20 cm high by 33 cm across the handles.

Price: AU$295.00


Silver Plated jug

A silver plated embossed pattern jug by Walker & Co dating to around 1910. Replaced knop but otherwise in good condition. 14 cm high by 13 cm maximum diameter.

Price: AU$95.00


Selection of Ice Water Jugs

A selection of ice water jugs includes Crusader reproduction old Sheffield plate, Carrington and Strachan. All in good condition.

Price: AU$45 to $75 each


Antique 6 Slice Toast Rack

An antique silver plated six slice toast rack. The bottom outer supports are dented but otherwise it is in reasonable condition and the plating is in good order.

Price: AU$65.00


Silver Plated Biscuit Barrel ball Footed

A silver plated biscuit barrel on ball feet and with lion head handles. It is engraved with dancing ladies on both sides. There are a few marks to the plating particularly on the lid. 31 cm high by 16 cm wide.

Price: AU$95.00


Hecworth Silver Plated Teapot

A vintage Hecworth silver plated teapot. Good condition. 18 cm high by 22 cm across the spout and handle.

Price: AU$75.00


A Vintage Silver Plated Footed Tray

A vintage circular silver plated footed tray with fruit patterned handles. 43 cm wide including the handles. Good condition.

Price: AU$295.00


Viners Silver Plate Wine Bottle Holder

A good quality Viners wine bottle holder with insert dating to around 1970. Good condition. 18 cm high by 17 cm maximum diameter at the top.

Price: AU$95.00


Silver Plate on Copper Castor

Silver plate on copper castor. Hardy Brothers. Good condition but minor wear consistent with age and "best use."

Price: AU$110.00


Rodd Silver Plate Tray

Rodd silver plate tray. Good condition. 41 cm diameter.

Price: AU$265.00


Champagne Bucket, Wine Cooler Lion Head Handles Strachan

A Strachan silver plated champagne bucket or wine cooler with lion head handles. Good condition.



Silver Plate Champagne Bucket or Wine Cooler

A vintage, silver plated wine cooler or champagne bucket. Good condition.

Price: AU$265.00




A Victorian Servants Bell

Victorian servants bell dating to around 1870. Good condition.

Price: AU$265.00


Tunbridge Ware Box Circa 1900

A Tunbridge Ware Box circa 1900. Good condition. 14 cm by 10 cm.

Price: AU$95.00



WMF Copper & Brass Vase

A WMF copper & brass vase decorated with cartouches of flowers. Circa 1920. Good condition. 26 cm high.

Price: AU$125.00


WMF Copper Vase Hammered Finish

A WMF copper vase with a hammered finish an stylised teardrops around the base. Circa 1920. Good condition. 21.5 cm high.

Price: AU$95.00






Old World Timber Art Port Macquarie Beakers

A pair of Old World Timber Art, Port Macquarie turned Rosewood beakers with original stickers to the base. Good condition. 10 cm high by 7 cm diameter at the top.

Price: AU$45 pair.


Silver Plated Display Stands Suit Medal or Coin

I have two of these silver plated display stands that would be suitable for displaying a medal or coin. They are 10 cm high and 3 cm diameter of the inner holder. Good condition.

1 left

Price: AU$75 each